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AdomdExtensions is a class library for data access from .NET to SSAS OLAP cubes via raw MDX.
It can be used with or without ADO.NET Entity Framework.
AdomdExtensions library allows to execute MDX and map ADOMD.NET result recordset into .NET objects mapping MDX hierarchical names to .NET property names. Typically because of names mismatch ADOMD.NET is used via positional binding, which is more fragile to changes compared to name match binding offered by AdomdExtensions.
AdomdExtensions is often a work around in cases when SSAS Entity Framework Provider does not provide functionality that is present in MDX (e.g. pivoting).

These are some examples of AdomdExtensions usage:

Scalar result:

var orders = adomdConnection.ExecuteMdxScalar<OrderDetail>
Measures.Unit Price,
on columns
from NorthwindEF

Collection result:

var customers = adomdConnection.ExecuteMdxCollection<Customer>
with member Measures.Blank
as null
on columns,
Customers.Customer ID.Customer ID,
Customers.Contact Name.Contact Name,
Customers.Company Name.Company Name,
Customers.Contact Title.Contact Title
on rows
from NorthwindEF"

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